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We had a minor miscommunication at first (but who doesn\'t every now and then).Everything worked out.

I wish Matt Greenberg (the general manager) and his crew the best of luck in their years to come.His service guy was great to work with (I think his name was Rich Jeffery).

Original review posted by user Jul 22, 2011

I bought a new 2011 Nissan Altima a few months ago, which has been a great car by the way.Vaughn Wells was the salesman I bought it from and he told me the first oil change will be free when I'm due for one.

When I bought the car I joked during negotiation and said how about a year worth of free oil changes, he laughed and said I can't do that but your first one is free. So I went today for my oil change and I told the service guy that Vaughn Wells said my first oil change was free. The service guy went to the general manager and the general manager said that they don't give free oil changes. So, I called Vaughn on his cell phone number, he gives it to everyone so he can pretend to be your friend, and he denied telling me the first oil change was free.

He said he told me that they schedule your first one but it's not free. I'm 100% positive he gave his word the first one was free. Apparently Vaughn Wells and the general manager doesn't believe in the customer being right and wanting repeat customers. They tell you they are #1 for top sales amongst the other Nissan dealers...of course they are they lie to you and tell you what you want to hear to get your money.

I spent over $20,000 for a new car and you are going to deny telling me I get a free $26 oil change? What a scam!!! The service guy (Rich Jeffery) was very nice, understanding, and apologetic, it's sad he has to work for a snake like the general manager.

I definitely give the service guy (Rich Jeffery) two thumbs up but the sales department and general manager two thumbs down.I do recommend getting your car serviced at Bedford Nissan, but DO NOT BUY YOUR CAR FROM BEDFORD NISSAN.

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I did buy my last Rogue's ok.

the one guy there Matt, i think his dad owns it, was nice to me and my husband. and he's funny on the tv commercial, so dorky and his voice is goofy yes.

but i think the price was good.:)


Dude I hear you.I shopped for a car there last month and was like totally turned off by their attitudes from the moment I walked into the place.

even before, in the parking lot.

Then I hear those annoying as all *** radio commercials while I'm driving with those two bozos, whoever the *** they are...they sound like a clown and a kid , and I'm like, forget that dollar store joint.I'm now seriously looking around for a better place to buy my Nissan, even if I have to go to Akron or something.

to EricG77 Cleveland, Ohio, United States #620922

I really like Mentor Nissan.Even though I bought my Altima at Bedford I insist on taking it to Mentor.

They actually kept it for several days to figure out what the intermittent electrial problem was.

I didn't mind since I loved driving their curtiousy car!I can't speak for their sales department since I didn't buy my car their, but when I buy next car I plan on buying it there.

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